Friday, June 16, 2006

A new era

This isn't really "new." It's more of a recommitment.

I'm pretty sore today (Friday) because I hit the resistance fairly hard on Wednesday. Mostly though, it's my legs, from the squats I did. That always happens. I have such weak legs.

Anyway, this was the routine:
pushups--40, 12, 8 (I think)
stomachs 20 all round
dumbell flys-10 reps with 20 lbs, 25 lbs, and 30 lbs (I think it could have been 5 lbs heavier but I'm not sure)
Dips- 1 set of 6 (feet resting on the floor)
Pullups-1 set of 6 (feet on chair)

Then yesterday I did 10 hill sprints. I stopped using weights on hills. I figure with the 5 lb weight on the 3 mile Sunshine run and the resistance, that's plenty intense. Anyway, I ran them ultra hard and I ran all of them on the big hill with less rest in between than I'm used to. So I had trouble running all the way back home again. I think I stopped to rest twice.

So the primary goal right now is to get to 100 pushups. So I'll always do them first. At least until I alter the workout if I hit a platau. I saw a workout that varied the type of pushups (triangles and whatnot) so I might use that to push me over a wall sometime. Or if I don't think I'm making progress fast enough.

Today I plan on making another run to snap for resistance training. Despite still having sore legs from squats.

I have been supplimenting with Shaklee Pysique and vitamins quite a bit.

Then I told Lisa I would run a 5 mile with her. Don't know how or when or where exactly we are going to do this. But we'll give it a shot.

So basically the routines are this:
hill sprints--stretch
sunshine run (with 5 lb weights)-stretch

The goal: stronger, faster, longer, more flexible, 100 pushups, lean bulk (190?), 6 pack


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