Friday, June 16, 2006

A Long Story Short

I’ve been thinking about a blog like this for awhile now—to document my health and fitness goals (some of which can be somewhat measured with a tape measure). Maybe a bit of motivation. But mostly to document the experiment.

And the longer I wait, the fewer results we can witness.

Long Story Short:

I wanted a 6 pack.

I’ve been at this awhile. February of 2005 I started running. I was way out of shape. 190 ish. Couldn’t run my road (Sunshine). But I had a plan. Short, high intensity workouts (running mostly) that would graduate into hill sprints and then resistance training I worked like that with gradual progressions until around May 2005. I did get stronger and built endurance, but didn’t’ see much change in weight.

Then, because of stressors in other places I stopped. But because the high intensity work had changed my metabolism I began to loose weight over the summer, without working out much. I dropped about 20 lbs.

Over the fall and winter months I began to gain it back until I was around 180 in January 2006, and I began running Sunshine again, then eventually hills, then Sunshine with 2.5 lb weights, then hills with 2.5 lb weights, and also some resistance thrown haphazardly in there for good measure (pushups, squats, stomachs, dips, and pull-ups).

I ran a 5K race with my wife (time 23:59), my first.

It didn’t take long and I dropped to 170 again. Pretty lean, but no 6 pack yet. Then I started more resistance and weight running and gained 10 lbs back (hopefully muscle). Then about 6 weeks or so ago I offered up a challenge to my brother in law to race to 100 pushups. That sounds like a lot. At the time I think I could do maybe 25 pushups in a row. Two days ago I did 40. I think that’s a personal best. At least in this era.


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